Bosch leading in the workplace bike race

More than 100,000 employees of the German automotive electronics giant Bosch will get access to an ebike or standard bike as part of their new workplace agreement.

Bosch has made the move as part of a two-pronged attack to make its workers healthier, and the air in the cities cleaner.

As a bonus it promotes its own ebike technologies to a wider market.

The initiative comes at a time when major corporations around the world are focusing on addressing the negative impacts of motorised travel.

According to the company there are about 20 million commuters in Germany, and half travel less than 10km to reach their workplace – those who drive create a massive output of emissions.

Boschʼs market study found that half of Germanyʼs population believe that ebikes are a viable alternative to cars, and one-third said they were prepared to make the transition towards use ebikes for commuting.

“With this mobility offering, we want to help improve air quality in cities as well as the health of our associates,” said Christoph Kubel, a member of the board of management and director of industrial relations at Robert Bosch GmbH.

“Cycling is good for body and mind. It also promotes creativity – because we donʼt always have our best ideas sitting at our desks, but instead while doing things like exercise. This is why bike leasing is now one component of our working culture.”

Bosch workers can lease bikes from registered retailers and the company will take care of the contractual side of things. The leasing amount will be deducted from the workers gross salary.

People who have been working more than three years with the company can lease two bikes.

The bikes can be used for private purposes as well as for commuting.