Moreland strategy
Moreland earmarks mighty progress

The Moreland City Council has released its draft Integrated Transport Strategy, and it is a progressive and exciting plan that gives good priority to bike riding.

The paper argues that transport is more than just getting from one place to another and says it "provides us with the freedom and flexibility to come together and live in a richer, fairer, more
cohesive community".

It also talks about good transport options allowing businesses and economy to thrive, and improving the health of the community. Ultimately, it means that driving cars for short distances is a thing of the past.

The guts of the paper and its policies are all about prioritising bike riding and walking. It also makes brave calls to reallocate road spaces and to promote dockless bike share. Key priorities listed in the document include:

  • Establish world-class pedestrian routes that make walking safe, easy and accessible
  • Make cycling an obvious choice for travel in Moreland
  • Prioritise walking, cycling and public transport initiatives before car travel.
  • Discourage car use, especially for short trips.
  • Advocate tor better public transport for Moreland
  • Be open to collaborating with partners to deliver sustainable transport outcomes.
  • Be a leader in the adoption of e-bike technology
  • Promote, but regulate, dockless bike share schemes in Moreland
  • Create safer neighbourhoods for all by reducing speed limits

Bicycle Network has been invovled in stakeholder workshops that helped to inform the plan, and now it's the public's turn to support the strategy.

A public feedback process is currently open. If you live, work, or ride in the Moreland area, we strongly encourage you to jump online and show your support for the draft strategy.

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Background information about the project is here