Federation Trail Flood
Federation Trail flooded

The Federation Trail at Laverton North was flooded and impassable at the weekend, with no safe work-around.

The trail was completely submerged between Little Boundary Road and the underpass at the M80 Western Ring Road.

Road closed signs were erected, so authorities were aware of the issue.

The problem is that the only available detour is to use Pipe Road and Little Boundary Road, both dense with heavy truck traffic on week days.

We have reached out to VicRoads and to the City of Wyndham in the hope that this can be addressed soon.

It seems to be a drainage issue, rather than being caused by precipitation.

Workers have been in the area recently working on high voltage transmission towers, so it is possible that earthworks may have impacted drainage.

This area will soon also be impacted by major works to alter the interchange between West Gate Freeway, M80 Ring Road and the Geelong Freeway.

These works will require a detour of the trail right through the middle of the lake on the picture!

Let us know if you observe any change in the situation