Walmer Street Bridge Bicycle Network
Public rally to replace Walmer Street Bridge

Local bike riders and residents are invited to attend a public rally this Saturday 4 August calling for action to replace Abbotsford’s Walmer Street Bridge.

The rally is organised by the Walmer Street Bridge Coalition, which includes both Yarra and Boroondara Councils along with the Walmer Street Action Group, Collingwood and Abbotsford Residents Association, Yarra BUG and Boroondara BUG. See details for the rally

As it stands, the Walmer Street Bridge does not meet the current and future needs of its users.

The most current Super Tuesday Bike Count reported that more than 500 riders use the bridge each day. 

The Walmer Street bridge is not only a popular crossing for bike commuters and recreational riders, it's also popular with mother's with prams, runners and dog walkers keen to access Kew Boulevard parklands or Victoria Gardens shopping centre.

Intense development in the area has seen bridge users double in numbers over the past seven years and it will only get worse as new twin multistory developments containing 640 apartments are completed.

Currently, the steep and incredibly narrow northern land bridge section in Boroondara is not disability compliant.

In addition to the safety concerns created by the geometry and width issues, the land bridge is showing signs of structural failure. Since 2013, sections of the bridge have also been propped with temporary supports.

The Walmer Street Bridge is under threat of prolonged and uncoordinated closure as developers rebuild the Abbotsford side of the bridge, and Boroondara Council replace the failing land bridge on the Kew side of the river.

The rally is calling for the State Government to step in and urgently replace the current Walmer Street Bridge and to ensure a rapid, coordinated design and construction.  

As a cycling route, the Walmer Street Bridge provides a strategic connection across the Yarra River for the communities of Kew, Richmond and Abbotsford. It is also identified on the Principal Bicycle Network (PBN) and as a Bicycle Priority Route (BPR), forming part of a Strategic Cycling Corridor.

Attend the public rally

We know collective action makes a difference. Let’s work together and support the efforts of the Walmer Street Bridge Coalition to replace the bridge so that it can meet the needs of all users, now and in to the future.

Come along and hear from local state politicians about how they will fund the replacement bridge.

When: 10am, Saturday 4 August 2018.

Where: Williams Reserve, 520 Victoria Street Abbotsford. 

Attend Metropolitan Transport Forum for Yarra

Attend a free public forum to discuss transport issues before the State election in November. Meet the candidates from major parties, hear their policies and ask your questions.

When: 6.30pm to 8pm, Thursday 2 August, Richmond Town Hall, 333 Bridge Road, Richmond.

Chairperson: Mayor Cr Daniel Nguyen. Speakers include: ALP: Richard Wynne, Greens: Kathleen Maltzahn, Liberal: TBC.