Council electioneering gears up

Candidates for the October local government elections are starting to campaign in earnest, so now’s the chance to get better bicycle infrastructure on their agendas.

Every Tasmanian council will be re-elected in October, except for Glenorchy, with polls for the postal vote closing at 10am on Tuesday 30 October.

All council elections are by postal vote, and ballot papers should start appearing in your mailbox from early October.

Bicycle Network has put together a wish list for local government candidates.

  1. Safe infrastructure

Separated cycleways encourage more people to ride. About half the population would be interested in riding more if they were separated from traffic. Painted bike lanes are good for the small numbers of people who currently ride but are unlikely to encourage many more people to ride.

  1. Bike Parking

Providing secure, undercover bicycle parking that is easily accessible and caters to electric bicycles is a must for all major towns.

  1. Local Leadership

Our local councils can lead the way by making it easier for their staff to ride by providing bicycle fleets, secure parking, showers and lockers, and helping local businesses to do the same.

  1. Safe School Routes 

Implement separated cycleways and/or traffic-calmed, 30km/h roads around schools to get more children active and reduce traffic congestion.

  1. Bike Plans

All local councils should have funded bicycle plans that improve and expand bicycle transport networks as well as sport and recreation facilities. 

On top of these core approaches, each local government area has key projects that candidates should be asked if they support.

We’ve started putting together project priority lists for the city councils, and welcome your suggestions for additions to the lists.


  • Development of a separated cycleway network in Hobart as part of the city’s new Bicycle Plan, to be completed in 2019.
  • Funding in the ten-year Capital Works plan to roll out separated bicycle infrastructure across the city. 
  • A safe intersection at Molle and Collins streets and separated cycleway along Collins St.
  • Establishment of a dedicated cycling infrastructure and promotion unit within the council.
  • Council to work with business community to build evidence base for the benefits of active transport in the city centre, in line with the Inner City Action Plan.


  • Completion of the missing link at Mowbray for the Rocherlea to Inveresk trail.
  • Connection of the North East Rail Trail to Lilydale.
  • Seal Inveresk trail from Invermay Park to Vermont Rd.
  • Implement a north–south separated cycleway through the CBD.
  • Provide part funding for a Cycling North/Active Transport officer.
  • Council to work with business community to build evidence base for the benefits of active transport in the CBD, in line with the City Heart project goals.


  • Continued implementation of the city’s bike plan.
  • Development of new post 2020 bike plan.


  • Continued implementation of the city’s North West Coastal pathway commitments.
  • Provide separated pathways linking residential areas to coastal pathway and city centre.


  • Build an underpass at the Mornington Roundabout.
  • Create an easy to follow cycleway between the airport and Hobart.
  • Rosny Hill Road bicycle path, with links to Kangaroo Bay Rivulet Track and Clarence Foreshore Trail.
  • Clarence Street separated cycling lanes.

Contact your local candidates and ask them where they stand on our Top Five wishlist, as well as any infrastructure projects you think should get up.

Our Vote Bike council elections page has lists of candidates who have said they intend to run for one of the city councils, although nominations are not officially announced until Tuesday 25 September.