Volunteer to put smiles on faces

Have you seen the trishaw bicycles that are used to transport elderly people who can no longer move around on their own?

For people who can no longer ride themselves, the opportunity to get in the trishaw and see the sights with the wind in their hair gives them great joy.

If riding one of these trishaws and putting a smile on someone’s face is something you may be interested in volunteering for, get along to Dru Point in Margate between 11.30am and 1.30pm on Saturday 15 September.

Trishaw owners Mieke and Alison Devries will be there offering rides on their electric bike and would appreciate fresh legs to help out on the day.

Their trishaw is operated through Dementia Friendly Tasmania and you can keep track of rides through the Facebook page, or contact Mieke and Alison. They are always on the lookout for more volunteers to help them offer rides. 

Cycling without Age is another group operating trishaws in Tasmania and you can contact them to volunteer through their website or Facebook page. The organisation began in Denmark in 2012 and now operates more than 1500 trishaws in 37 countries.