Somerville intersection
Cut out cutting corners!

Some breath-taking manoeuvres by riders in Footscray are proving to be troublesome and dangerous.

Road conditions at the corner of Whitehall Street and Somerville Road have changed substantially as a huge shaft is sunk in the middle of the road to realign the North Yarra Main Sewer.

This has restricted traffic movements and resulted in an intersection that is much more complicated to navigate.

Despite arrangements for bike riders being made, some are attempting to take a hazardous short-cut through the corner in the hope of saving a second or two.

As shown in the illustration below, riders are attempting to cut the corner, unaware that drivers may be bisecting the same path as they continue around the work site.

This is a recipe for a collision involving a rider, a driver, and/or workers at the sewer shaft.

The intersection has bike lanterns to get riders safely across.

Yes, it is a two-step process, and it takes a little longer, but it is the best way. It helps manage the risks for other members of the community that are working, walking or driving at the location.

There is no excuse for putting lives at risk, even your own.

Be especially careful, and use the bike crossing during the green signal cycle. And don’t hover at the barriers surrounding the work site.

And remember: good things come to those who wait.