Tasmanian campaigns page revamped

For all of you with bees in you bonnets about bicycle infrastructure, take a look at our revamped Tasmanian campaigns page.

We’ve added background on major issues needing attention across the state from the past few years.

We’ve also created a new index page so you can search by region and a list of contacts for letters to the editor, talkback radio and local, state and federal politician contacts.

These pages outline the problems and possible solutions to key bicycle infrastructure projects across the state.

They also include contact details for state MPs and local councillors so you can let them know your concerns directly.

There is strength in numbers with effective campaigns, so if any of the issues on our campaign pages resonate with you please consider speaking up.

Any time is a good time to contact your elected representatives about issues you think need attention, it doesn’t have to be during an election campaign.

Some of the ways we can all alert politicians to bicycle infrastructure issues that need attention include:

  • write a letter to your elected representatives – email or post
  • call and make an appointment to meet with local politicians
  • invite your local represenative to a site visit so they can see the problem first-hand
  • get a few like-minded folk together to meet as a group
  • tag politicians in Facebook posts and tweets
  • write a letter to the editor
  • call talkback radio
  • attend public meetings and ask questions

We will keep adding to the campaign pages, but if you think we are missing a major issue in your region, let us know.