NSW Bike Week 2018_Newsroom
What's on for NSW Bike Week

Running from Saturday 22 to Sunday 30 September, NSW Bike Week is a state-wide celebration of all things bikes.

People of all ages and bike riding abilities are encouraged to get involved at one or more of the 55 events taking place across NSW.

Bike Week is coordinated by Transport for NSW but relies on the efforts of volunteers, BUGs and groups who organise community events. 

From social rides to a two-wheeled challenge, free bike maintenance, skills workshops and tweed rides, there’s something for every kind of bike rider across both metro and regional NSW.

Bicycle Network would like to give a special shout out to the schools and workplaces that are hosting their own ride to school or ride to work events as a way to encourage more people to get active through bike riding. 

Find an event near you - check out the list of planned events across the state

NSW Bike Week is the perfect warm up for National Ride2Work Day, where people from across Australia jump on their bikes for a commuter revolution.

If you haven’t already – make sure you RSVP to this year’s event. It takes less than 5 minutes and every Ride2Work Day registration is important as it helps build the case for better bike infrastructure.

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