Road closures
Hyde St sewer works continue

Riders on Hyde Street near the West Gate Bridge should continue to exercise care as the North Yarra Deviation Sewer Project expands its footprint through this popular riding route.

The path is still rideable, but be aware of pedestrians also using the path, and the presence of project staff who will be regularly checking the bypass pumping pipeline for any leaks or other defects.

Cleaning of sections of the sewer line is also underway, with cleaning taking place at both the northern and southern ends of the project area.

While cleaning in the north is off the road and away from riders, cleaning in the south will have some impact to traffic, cyclists included.

Changes to the road conditions on Hyde Street have also now started to take effect, with a reduction in lanes (southbound) just north of the intersection with Simcock Avenue. While lanes have been reduced, motorists and cyclists can still perform a right-turn from Hyde Street into Simcock Avenue.

Riders on the road should be aware of traffic merging left from the right-lane just prior to the Hyde Street bridge.

Traffic exiting Simcock Avenue, traveling south towards Williamstown is still permitted. Riders should be aware of motorists turning right from Simcock Avenue into Douglas Parade – this entering traffic may be obscured by concrete barriers and the traffic management currently in place.

At this stage, all traffic including riders traveling north, remains unaffected. Speeds in the area have been reduced to 40km/h.

Northbound lanes will be reduced to one over the coming weeks as relining is performed at manholes in the road, with southbound traffic directed to use the existing slip (turning) lane for through traffic movement.

Signage will be in place once these traffic conditions are changed.