Cottesloe bike path
Wheels in motion for dead-end fix at Cottesloe

A tender has been put out by the WA state government to extend the principle shared path along the Fremantle railway line from Grant Street to Victoria Street Station.

The 2.8km extension will fix the notorious shared-path dead-end at Grant Street that forces bike riders onto the busy Curtin Avenue, which Transport Minister Rita Saffioti admits “people have long complained about.”

It will also connect to the Mosman Park activity centre and Cottesloe Primary School.

"Prioritising construction of this missing link will address safety and accessibility concerns by providing a continuous off-road facility between Perth and Fremantle, reducing the potential for conflict with road traffic and providing a high-quality link to key tourist attractions," Ms Saffioti said in a statement.

Bike riding has been growing in Cottesloe, with Bicycle Network Super Tuesday data from 2018 showing a 5 per cent increase in rider numbers compared to 2017.

And the Fremantle railway path is not the only project that will cater for this growth, with the government set to follow it with the completing of the wider project between Victoria Street Station and the Swan River.

It is all part of the $67 million commitment over the next 4 years to close the gaps along the Fremantle railway and Mitchell Freeway principle shared paths, completing an interconnected network of pathways extending 15 kilometers from the CBD.

Construction is due to commence in December and conclude by June 2019.

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Cottesloe Bike Path

Screen grab taken from Google Maps of the Grant Street shared-path dead-end