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Brisbane's Victoria Bridge goes green for bikes

A plan to convert one lane of Brisbane’s Victoria Bridge into a two-way lane for active travel is a big win for people who ride and walk.

The new design for the $944 million transport project will reduce the number of bus lanes from four to three, allocating ‘green’ space to improve access for bike riders into the city from South Bank.  

The design will create a separated two-way cycleway on the upstream side of the bridge and be accompanied by new cycle lanes on Melbourne Street.

Changes to the bridge design to accommodate bike riders was announced by Brisbane City Lord Mayor Graham Quirk on Tuesday.

The Lord Mayor said that community consultation revealed local support for the decision to close Victoria Bridge to general traffic.

Brisbane City Council Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner believes that the $944 million Brisbane Metro plan would "revolutionise" city travel and the new plan for the bike lane was part of that.

“Council will undertake further community engagement on the changes to the Victoria Bridge and Melbourne Street pedestrian and cyclist access, and inner-city traffic network over the coming weeks," Mr Schrinner told the Brisbane Times.

“Detailed analysis shows that the three-lane configuration will still provide more capacity for public transport but will also deliver an improved outcome for people on bikes and on foot."

Providing separated places for people to ride will help the bridge meet the future needs of the city’s bike riding population and encourage more people to get out on their bikes and ride.