Federation Trail
Federation Trail now a dry zone

The Federation Trail at Laverton North is again passable after being underwater since June.

Pumps were brought in to remove the water over several days, before the path was swept and the route re-opened for the weekend.

There was a lengthy delay in the quest to get bikes moving again along the trail because the source of the flooding could not be determined.

Bicycle Network understands that once water levels dropped due to the pumping, it was determined that a nearby industrial premises had diverted waste water into the storm water system, and when a pit blocked, the discharge overflowed and flooded the trail.

This is a major environmental breach and we expect that the EPA and the City of Wyndham will be investigating legal proceedings.

Considering the trail was blocked for months, and the only alternative for bikes was Pipe Road—a major truck route—a hefty penalty would be welcome.

Bicycle Network appreciates the assistance of Netflow consortium, Major Roads Project Authority, and City West Water for resolving the issue.

The Netflow consortium will look after the trail as part of their contract to upgrade and maintain a package of major roads in Melbourne’s west.

The Netflow consortium – comprising the Cintra and Plenary joint venture as project sponsor; WBHO Infrastructure as design and construction lead;Ferrovial subsidiaries (the Broadspectrum and Amey joint venture), as services contractor – is contracted by the Victorian Government to design, build, finance and maintain the project for the next 20 years.

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