Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road not so great

Sections of the Great Ocean Road will not be so great for riders over the next couple of months as Regional Roads Victoria ramps up repair work in advance of the holiday season.

The good news is that if the works are finished in time, the iconic road should be great riding during the summer holidays.

Construction activities will be hampering traffic between Freshwater Creek and Bellbrae on the Angelsea Road-Great Ocean Road sector.

These works include:

  • Widening and sealing road shoulders
  • Installing 19km of left-hand side flexible safety barriers (3km of safety barrier in high-risk locations will receive rub-rail to provide additional protection for motorcyclists) to reduce the risk of run-off road crashes
  • Installing wide centreline markings to create a safe distance between oncoming lanes of traffic
  • Installing rumble strips and raised reflective pavement markers to alert drivers if their vehicle begins to veer from their lane

When completed the road should be much more attractive to riders with:

  • Widened/reconstructed shoulders to a safe sealed width
  • Dedicated bike lanes through the intersections of Jarosite Road and Point Addis Road to ensure a safe distance between cyclists and vehicles
  • Yellow cyclist symbol markings at select intersections to increase the awareness of bike riders to road users.

But during the road works it may be more fun to explore some of the other road riding routes in the Geelong region.

At times, the road will be down to one lane in each direction, 40kmh speed limits will be in place through works zones, and delays of up to 10 minutes can be expected. Drivers may behave in unpredictable ways.