Bike touring to the Great Vic
Touring to the Great Vic

A Bicycle Network member in Sydney is taking on this year's Great Vic Bike Ride, but he'll be doing more than just the 541 kilometres that make up the nine-day event.

Rod Taylor is going to ride an extra 700 kilometres from Sydney to get to the Great Vic start line at Bright in the Victorian High Country.

However, the trip to the Great Vic will take more than a week, and Rod is looking for a riding partner or two to keep him company.

The 64-year-old from Lane Cove is looking for anyone who would be willing to take on an extra adventure before the main event in North-East Victoria.

Rod has plenty of experience with bike touring, having ridden the Transamerica from Oregon to Virginia in the USA, as well as many sections of the Bicentennial National Trail here in Australia.

His plan to get to the Great Vic is to ride approximately 70 kilometres a day and stay at affordable hotels or caravan parks along the way. There would probably be a rest day in the middle.

The ride would not be supported with vehicles, so gear would need to be carried on the bike.

Individuals of any experience are welcome however, and you don't have to travel to the Great Vic to ride with Rod, even joining him for a section of the trip would be ok.

If you are interested in joining Rod for all or some of his journey, please contact Bicycle Network and we will put you in touch.

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Are you doing your own touring?

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Send us a message with information about your bike touring plans, if you need any assistance or just have an interesting story to tell.

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