Hobart council candidates ready to ride

Hobart council candidates will ride the city’s street this Sunday 30 September to learn how to improve conditions for bicycle riders.

Half of the candidates standing for election are coming on the ride, including six of the mayoral aspirants.

Bicycle Network Tasmania spokesperson Alison Hetherington said the ride was an opportunity to share the bicycle group’s vision of safer cycling facilities in the capital city.

“We know more people want to ride in Hobart to get to work, study and services but are too worried about vehicle traffic.

“Bicycle riding is a healthy, cheap and quick way to get around and Hobart Council is in the prime position to make changes to its streets to help more people to ride.

“A network of separated cycleways and low-speed streets is needed to give people in Hobart genuine transport choices.

“We’ve asked all candidates standing for city councils around the state whether they support our Top 5 asks to get more people riding and have published the supporters list on our website:

What:         Hobart council candidates ride

When:        11am, Sunday 30 September

Where:       leaving 210 Collins Street, Hobart

Who:          18 candidates in Hobart Council election and Bicycle Network volunteers