Upfield path and Parkiteer cage for Merlynston

A parking upgrade plan for Merlynston Station in Melbourne’s north that includes a new Parkiteer cage and completion of the missing section of the Upfield bike path along Bain Avenue has been announced by the Labor state government.

The project is part of the $150 million Carparks for Commuters Fund which will also include up to 355 new and upgraded car parks, lighting and CCTV.

Improvements to the Upfield Path were announced as part of the 2017/18 Victorian budget which will see it ultimately extended as far as the Ring Road

Merlynston will follow a swag of other metro and regional railway stations in getting new and upgraded Parkiteer cages, including:

  • Mernda Station
  • Hawkestowe Station
  • Rosanna Station 
  • North Geelong
  • Wangaratta
  • Wodonga Stations
Mernda bike parking
Rosanna bike parking
Wangaratta bike cage

Cages at Middle Gorge, Benalla and Seymour are also completion, with security inspections currently taking place.  

In addition to this, bike cages at Carnegie, Murumbeena, Hughesdale and Clayton are due to come online in approximately two to three weeks. 

If you’d like to access bike parking at any of the live Parkiteer locations, click the link below and join for free.

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