box hill
Box Hill to Ringwood Trail progress report

Work will start soon on upgrading the trail near Box Hill High School, the next step in a protracted, overdue project.

Between Sagoe Street and Middelborough Road the gravel section will be replaced and the path configured to use the existing underpass.

VicRoads says the trail will have to be closed during the works, but advance notice will be given to riders.

The next stage along to Blackburn Station past Laburnum Station is still under investigation, and, as Whitehorse City cooperation is needed, may take another decade. Or two.

Recently, further east, the traffic lights at the intersection of New Street and Albert Street in Ringwood, and the pedestrian operated crossing on Molan Street were switched on, providing safer crossings for path users.

The section from Nunawading Station to Walkers Road will be built next year.

A lengthy stretch between Mitcham and Heatherdale Stations was previously completed by the Level Crossings Removal Authority.

When completed the trail will be 10 kilometres long, linking two major activity centres and railway stations, schools and other attractions, as well as connecting to the EastLink trail and Gardiners Creek trail.