Uninterrupted ride to work for Perth's north

Bike riders in Perth’s northern suburbs are set to enjoy a completely off-road and uninterrupted commute into the city once a major upgrade to the Mitchell freeway is completed.

The $32 million upgrade to the Mitchell Freeway will see a number of bridges and underpasses built, completing missing links in Perth’s Principle Shared Pathway (PSP) network.

In a first for Western Australia, the plans will also feature number of separate, bike rider-only paths. The footbridge between Glendale Station and Roberts St featuring separated a four-metre wide cycle-only and a two-metre wide pedestrian-only path.  

Currently, people riding to and from the city from Perth’s northern suburbs must cross a number of busy intersections and shared paths while crisscrossing the freeway.  

Many of these risky intersections and crossings will be eliminated with the introduction of a footpath bridge over Scarborough Beach Road and underpasses at Hutton Street and Hutton Street freeway ramps.

A 2.1 kilometre stretch of path between Goody Close, near Glendalough Train Station and Hutton Street will also be built, filling another gap in the Principle Shared Pathway network.

Construction of the paths will begin south of Glendalough Station and are set to be completed with works at Hutton Street in 2019.

Work to link another gap in the PSP on the Mitchell Freeway between Civic Place and Erindale Road is expected to begin in late 2019 or early 2020.

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