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Brisbane's Ann Street slows down for safety

Brisbane's Ann Street is now enforcing a permanent speed reduction from 60km/h to 40km/h, as of this Monday.

Last month Lord Mayor Graham Quirk announced that the new speed limit will be in effect between Creek Street and the Riverside Expressway, giving motorists ample time and information to change their driving habits before new speeds are enforced. 

"We're asking motorists to help improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists with this new speed limit," he said.

This change is in direct response to several incidents involving pedestrians in Brisbane this year, including the death of Ann Marie Stent, who died on May 22 after being hit by a bus while crossing Ann Street.

The particular stretch of Ann Street impacted by the changes has seen 10 serious crashes involving pedestrians in the past five years, and a council survey revealed around 40 pedestrian safety issues in the area.

"It is clear from these incidents that we need to act now and reduce the speed to 40km/h in this section of Ann Street," Cr Quirk said.

Turbot Street remains the only street in Brisbane's CBD with speed limits over 40km/h, after the council reduced the speed limit on all other roads back in 2009 to slow the accident rate. 

As with all new changes to road rules, Bicycle Network reminds bike riders to be cautious in the first few weeks of enforcement while all road users adjust. 

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