E-bike expo biggest and best yet

The Bicycle Network E-bike Expo on Sunday 18 November was a success, with about 1000 people visiting the Hobart Regatta Grounds to try out an e-bike over 4.5 hours.

This is the fourth E-bike Expo held in Tasmania, and spring will be the new timing for what is hoped to be an annual event.

Organised by the Bicycle Network Tasmanian Volunteer Committee, the expo included businesses Bike Ride (Cranke)Ride BelleriveTerosCoogansJJ Bikes FureyElectric HorsemanPedaltec Tasmania, Australian Electric Vehicle AssociationCycling without Age, and Aroma Roama.

All the e-bike retailers had bikes available for test rides, which the crowd took to with glee.  

Existing e-bike owners came along to show their bikes and answer questions from people keen to get a full understanding of what it’s like to ride an e-bike, the types of bikes available and how to look after them.

Bicycle Network has received a few requests to take the expo north and we will investigate the costs involved and available retailers to see if it would be viable. Having the mix of commuter, touring and mountain e-bikes was part of the Hobart expo’s success.

Bicycle Network organised the expo to help people who are curious about e-bikes get all the information they need and try out a wide variety of bikes

E-bikes are a viable transport option to get around Tasmania’s urban centres, and also provide people who think their riding days are over with a second life.