Labor's re-election an opportunity to deliver for bikes

Bicycle Network would like to congratulate Daniel Andrews and the Labor party on their landslide victory in yesterday’s Victorian State election.

We hope that their re-election will bring with it an energy and enthusiasm to accelerate the delivery of much-needed bike infrastructure across the state.

Now’s the time to make some brave and progressive decisions to get things done for people who currently ride or want to ride bikes across Victoria.

Labor’s re-election comes with the promise of:

Labor's election platform also promises to provide better bike infrastructure and improve the links across Victoria for people who ride and walk.

Making it easier for more people of all ages, backgrounds and genders to ride bikes is a positive opportunity for the newly elected government to solve the traffic congestion that’s choking our cities, towns and suburbs – concerns which dominated the election campaign.

We know that if we build more accessible, attractive and connected places for people to ride, more Victorians will.  

Bicycle Network looks forward to working with the Andrews Labor Government as we advocate for better bike infrastructure, supportive policies such as footpath riding and minimum passing distance laws and programs such our successful Ride2School program or Parkiteer program. 

Thank you to our members who contacted local politicians, shared our election tracker or election priorities during the election campaign.

As a result, we were contacted directly by a number of local members who were keen to get the best outcome for bike riders. 

Making the state great

Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards discussed what we can do to help beat congestion in a post-election article in The Age titled how to make the state great in eight years. 

Let’s send all our politicians on a trip to Europe – economy class – to look at how the humble bicycle can bust congestion and boost happiness.

There may be a few loud people who’d like to see bike riding banned, but there’s millions of Victorians who will replace short car trips with bike trips. All they need is places to ride away from vehicles and a society that embraces two wheels.

St Kilda Road needs to become one of the world’s great bike boulevards. Sydney Road and Chapel Street need to transform into bike-friendly places Melburnians can pedal to when the coffee urge is calling.

Our rail trail network needs to continue to expand so everyone can enjoy life beyond Melbourne.

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