Beat the fuel price rises – ride a bike

High fuel prices mixed with better weather could be the catalyst some people need to switch to a bike to get to work and study.

If you’ve wondered about riding to work or university instead of driving, now is the perfect time to try it out,” Bicycle Network Public Affairs Adviser, Alison Hetherington, said.

“The start of summer typically means less rain and wind and longer daylight hours, which equates to easy-going riding conditions.

“The average cost for running a car in Tasmania is $14,978, when petrol prices rise this puts even more pressure on people’s budgets.

“Riding a bicycle even just part way of the journey can save money normally spent on petrol and parking fees, as well as providing extra exercise.

“If you live too far to drive all the way, why not park near a separated cycle path and ride the rest of the way in?

“A good way to start the change is to ride your route on a weekend to make sure you are comfortable with it.

“In some instances you can take quieter back streets or the footpath if you are worried about riding in a lot of traffic.

“If you don’t have somewhere safe to park your bike at work, check with your local council. The big councils offer bike parking cages within their multi-storey car parks.

“Put the money you save on parking and petrol into a piggy bank and see how quickly it adds up. It may even be enough incentive to keep riding once autumn arrives,” Ms Hetherington said.