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City orders Cops to crack down on Mall riders

The City of Melbourne has asked police to get tough with bike riders who pedal through Bourke Street Mall.

The mall has been a pedestrian only area for many years and bikes are unfortunately banned.

"The City of Melbourne has received a complaint from a local pedestrian regarding cyclists riding illegally, and at high speeds, through Bourke Street Mall,” the City says in a letter to Victoria Police.

"He has advised that this represents a significant safety risk for pedestrians, particularly given that pedestrians are rightly unaware of the potential presence of cyclists."

"The entrances to the Mall are clearly posted with "No Cycling" and "No Entry - Trams Excepted” signage."

"Subsequently, the City of Melbourne considers that any cyclists riding illegally through the Mall should be fully aware that they are doing so illegally and therefore it would be appreciated if you could investigate this matter and provide an appropriate level of enforcement.”

The City says its surveys have recorded about 87 to 107 cyclists per day riding illegally through the Mall (from 7am-7pm), an average of 7-10 illegal cyclist movements per hour.

A further 37 cyclists were observed dismounting and correctly walking their bike through the Mall.

It appears that many bike riders are using Bourke Street mall as a short cut alternative to riding up to the protected lanes of La Trobe Street or other narrow traffic-choked laneways. 

When mixing in spaces with pedestrians on shared paths or at any time, Bicycle Network encourages riders to never go faster than a person can run. 

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