North Fitzroy water main works alert

Melbourne Water will have intermittent road closures in place on Alfred Crescent, Falconer and Scotchmer Streets over December and January.

The works are part of the major M41 Water Main Project.

In Alfred Crescent and Falconer the closures will be:
5 to 12 December – full 24-hour closure for pipe laying works
17 to 18 December – full 24-hour closure for reinstatement works

In Scotchmer Streets the closures will be:
3 & 4 December 2018 – Road closure both directions (east & west bound)
5 December 2018 - Road closure (west bound only)

Scotchmer street will then be closed from Monday 7 January 2019 for the main construction works.

M41 Water Main Project

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