Minimum passing distance
Send us your close passes

Bicycle Network is asking members and riders to send videos of close and dangerous passes to help us with a special minimum passing distance project.

We want to see examples of passes by drivers that would break applicable minimum passing distance laws.

If members and riders have videos that show this, please email them to Bicycle Network using

In your email, please include the following information:

  • Which road and suburb or town the pass occurred on (google coordinates would be great)
  • What date and time the pass occurred on
  • If you reported the pass to police and what the outcome was
  • If you have published the video on YouTube, Facebook or any other public platform

Bicycle Network is supportive of minimum passing distance laws and the enforcement of them in Australia.

We recently worked with Tasmania Police to publish a guide to help report minimum passing distance breaches.

Send us your passes

If your video file is too large to include as an email attachment, you may be able to send it to us via WeTransfer, Dropbox or another similar program.

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