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Write a 'Dear Dan' letter to Premier Andrews

Dear Members and Friends,

With the Victorian election now over, 2019 is the year for the Andrews Government to get moving on bikes.

We saw precious little love for bikes in Premier Andrews’ election campaign. Even when St Kilda Road was re-announced the Premier was nowhere to be seen.

The reason was clear: he was nervous about the loud anti-bike minority. Well it’s time for the quiet pro-bike majority to let our Premier know that another 4 years of doing little for bike riders is not good enough and could cost him the next election.

To get started, we’re calling on everyone who rides a bike, or who wants to ride, to write a ‘Dear Dan’ letter to Premier Andrews. Your letter should let him know what you’d like to see him do for bikes. What that is is up to you: places to ride, bike supportive laws, improve driver behavior, etc. There’s a long list of things that need doing!

To maximise the impact please send your letter to us. We’d love to gather the letters in a huge sack (that hopefully makes Santa’s letters look modest) and deliver them all at once to the Premier.

To make it easy for you, you don’t have to mail your letter to us (although of course you’re welcome to if it’s easier for you). You can email it to us at and we’ll take it to Premier Andrews. Just make sure you put your name and address on it and address it to the Premier.

So please, before it ticks over to 2019 take a few minutes and send us your letter. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4 lines or 4 pages, we just need to all to make sure that the next 4 years are the time we get moving on bikes.

It would also be fantastic if you could spread the word and ask your friends and family to write a letter as well. The more of the quiet minority of bike riders who speak up, the harder it will be for Premier Andrews to ignore bike riders.

Thanks so much and have a great Christmas.

Best wishes,

Craig Richards

CEO, Bicycle Network

PS You might be thinking, ‘Can’t you just send me a template I can stick my name on?’ We’d rather not as it just won’t have the same impact. If the government gets a lot of letters the same it will easily whip up a template response, create a list and spew out the response on mass. Individual letters have a greater impact because they require an individual response. Many thanks.

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