Bay Trail doubles up at Brighton

The squeeze will ease on the frenetically active Bay Trail at Brighton with the release of plans which will see one of the busiest pinch points duplicated.

More than 300,000 bike riders a year are now using the popular trail through Brighton, with the numbers growing. 

And then there are the large volumes of people walking, especially in the warmer months.

The boardwalk section has proved problematic during busy periods, and the duplication will significantly reduce risk through this area.

Bayside City Council is proposing to duplicate the short section from Sandown Street to Royal Brighton Yacht Club, and is calling for people who ride bikes to comment on the plans. Let them know your views here

The concept plan is here.

A new three-metre path, designed to match the existing path and boardwalk, will be constructed above the high water mark.

The proposed bicycle path will also provide a connection from the existing bicycle path at Sandown Street.

Pedestrians will be encouraged to continue on the existing path, with riders on the new facility.

If all goes well works will start later in the year as part of the council’s 2019-2020 budget.

Bayside Council is also about to get underway with the duplication of the section through the Middle Brighton Baths precinct, which has been delayed by Melbourne Water sewer project.

When both of these projects are completed, the Bay Trail will effectively see bikes and pedestrians each with their own trail from Head Street in Elwood to just beyond the Middle Brighton Baths.

This is a great initiative and we urge riders to visit the council page for the project and fill in the short survey.