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Help form our distracted driving submission

Bicycle Network is preparing a submission for the National Transport Commission's (NTC) review into distracted driving rules and we want your help.

We are asking Bicycle Network members and people who ride bikes in Australia to take a survey about what distracted driving they have seen, how it may have impacted them and what should be done.

Responses to the survey will form Bicycle Network's submission that will highlight the risks that distracted driving poses to people riding bikes.

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When taking the survey please think of all the different types of distracted driving you have seen – the NTC's review is not limited to mobile phone use.

While we know that using a mobile phone while driving quadruples the risk of a crash, the are other actions that can divert eyes from the road that may be legal but are equally as dangerous.

If someone driving a car at 40kmh takes their eyes off the road for just two seconds they would travel blind for 20 metres. A two second distraction at 100kmh would result in 55 metres of blind travel.

The survey also asks for information about any crashes you may have been involved in as a result of distracted driving.

Please complete the survey by Wednesday 6 February.

Take the survey

Click here to read more about the NTC's review into distracted driving rules.

See a Victorian TAC ad showing how far you can travel blind from just a few moments of distraction.