School’s back, is your child ready to ride?

Families are getting ready to send children back to school next week, but how many of them will be riding and walking to school?

“Research released by the Australian Catholic University found that of 700 Victorian families surveyed living within 2 km of their primary school, 60% drove,” Bicycle Network Tasmanian spokesperson Alison Hetherington said.

“While all families have pressures on their time in the morning, helping children ride or walk to school will deliver long-lasting benefits.

“Children who exercise before school have been found to be more attentive in class, improving their ability to learn.

“Building daily exercise habits also sets children up for healthier adult lives.

“Some two-thirds of Australian children don’t get enough daily exercise that they need for good health.   

“Parents can understandably be concerned about safety and reluctant to let children ride or walk on their own.

“Bicycle Network has produced a handy guide for parents to help them prepare children to travel independently and know when they are ready to ride to school on their own.

“The Ride2School Parent Portal also has tips for teaching children to ride including road safety advice,” Ms Hetherington said.

Australian Catholic University research  

Bicycle Network guide for parents

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