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NSW Labor commits millions for bikes

Labor have committed to spend $412 million on infrastructure that makes it easier to ride and walk if the party wins the NSW State Election next month. 

NSW Shadow Minister for Transport Jodi McKay announced on Saturday that Labor would invest in cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, as well as rail trails in regional NSW, all within its first term.

Ms McKay told the Sydney Morning Herald that the commitment was about getting people back on their bikes,

"Supporting cycling and pedestrian infrastructure means less cars on the road, reduced emissions and air pollution, and has a proven impact on public health and wellbeing."

“The NSW Liberals and Nationals declared war on cyclists across NSW under former Roads Minister Duncan Gay. A Labor Government will end the war on cycling in this state, and give cyclists the infrastructure and respect they have been wanting for eight long years."

As part of Labor’s plan for active transport, planning for cycling and walking is included in all future major road and rail projects. Labor will also reinvigorate Active Transport NSW to champion connected cycling infrastructure across the state and support better cycling tourism outcomes.

Labor is also promising to work with local councils to review their Development Control Programs to deliver more bike parking and end-of-trip facilities near public transport hubs.

The announcement follows Labor’s $7 million commitment get kids on bikes and support programs like Bicycle Network’s Ride2School program as well as designated bike paths, bike storage and road safety programs.

Bicycle Network welcomes Labor’s plan for active transport with many of the promises consistent with the key priorities outlined in Bicycle Network’s election paper.

We hope it's not the last announcement for bikes we see in the lead up to the election. 

Bicycle Network now looks forward to a similar commitment to bikes from the Liberal Party.

See our NSW State Election 2019 campaign page

Call for a commitment from Berejiklian 

We're still waiting on a specific commitment to bikes and Ride2School from the Berejiklian government this election.

With little over a month until we head to the polls, we've seen both Labor and the Greens promise to make it easier and safer for more people to ride bikes in NSW.

It's time to call on the Berejiklian government to reveal their plans for active transport and bikes. 

Send a quick email or tweet to Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Transport Minister Andrew Constance asking for their active transport and cycling plans.

Don't forget to CC so that we can share your responses. 

You could also take the opportunity to share our key priorities for the election

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