MIND. BODY. PEDALING on International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women's Day, and with National Ride2School Day just around the corner, we've delved in to some of the stats from the Ride2School team's award winning program for young women – MIND. BODY. PEDAL. 


In 2016, MIND. BODY. PEDAL was initiated to address the concern that teenage girls in Australia get less than half their recommended daily exercise. Led by experts in physical activity, bike riding and wellbeing including Grow Club, Lululemon and Good Wheel Hunting, MIND. BODY. PEDAL takes a unique approach to addressing the mental and physical boundaries stopping young women from being active, including self-esteem, confidence and fear of ridicule.

How does it work?

MIND. BODY. PEDAL works by partnering with groups such as Grow Club and Lululemon to deliver a full days workshop, featuring four key sessions across the day.


A team of qualified youth workers chat about issues such as self-esteem, your inner critic and peer pressure.


Led by Lululemon, this session discusses how important moving your body is, and goes through a series of breathing and stretching exercises.


The Ride2School team leads a 5km bike ride through the local community, teaching road rules and riders etiquette along the way.


MIND.BODY.PEDAL ambassador Ang Roan tells her story about how bike riding changed her life, and helps show the girls how to get started.

The Stats

A survey is taken at the school before and after each MIND. BODY. PEDAL session to help measure the success of the program, and the statistics from last year show the positive impact this program is having on the young women involved.

Find out more about MIND. BODY. PEDAL here. 

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