Funding confirmed for 12 Apostles Trail

The Federal Government has announced $10M for construction of the 12 Apostles Trail, a major new visitor attraction planned for the Shipwreck Coast at Port Campbell and into the hinterland at Timboon.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison flew in to Warrnambool for the announcement, part of a $40M Federal-State funding deal for the tourism development in the region.

The plan has been under development for some years, but to date funding has been more promised than fulfilled.

But with a Federal election around the corner, wallets have opened.

Good biking facilities along the iconic rugged coastline have long been expected. The environment is highly sensitive to disturbance and damage by motor vehicles.

By creating great biking and hiking opportunities, authorities hope to lure travellers into extending their stay, spending more, while preserving the natural wonders.

There is already a rail trail from Camperdown in the Western District to Timboon. But the final 18 km link down to the coast has been missing.

Although details are not confirmed, there has been a proposal that the new three metre wide connection largely follow the water pipe easement that links Timboon and Port Campbell.

Once completed, riders would have a great opportunity to get to the Shipwreck Coast by taking the train to Camperdown, and then riding down the trail to Port Campbell. Some sections of the existing trail do require upgrading of the trail surface.

Bicycle Network has been pushing for the project for 15 years.

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