Tassie bike news bites

We love our social rides out to MONA - Museum of Old and New Art and now there's even more incentive to visit with the new Gianluca Gimini exhibition.

The Velocipedia IRL came about from Gianluca asking people of all ages to draw a bike from memory. He then picked his favourite drawings and built the bikes exactly as they were drawn.

The result is some pretty fantastic variations on traditional frames and wheel and seat placement!

Hobart Town Hall gets bike parking

The City of Hobart has finally put some bike parking in at the Town Hall so you don't have to lock up to the hand railings anymore.

There are three bike hoops out the front and around the back on Elizabeth Street two green loops on the wall near the stairs.

Addition to west coast MTB tracks

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more mountain bike tracks in Tassie, a new 12km track starting and ending in Zeehan is announced.

The track is being built by Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service and is expected to be finished by May.

Ring for separation

Some of our staff hit the streets last week to build support for separated cycleways in Collins Street in Hobart.

We’ll continue our pop-ups around Hobart to keep the need for better bicycle infrastructure in the public eye. Thanks to all those riders who rang their bells and gave us a smile, as well as all the people walking who yelled out "ding, ding"!

Salamanca Market safety zone breaches

The Salamanca Market is a weekly feature in Hobart with Salamanca Place closing down to allow for its set-up and pack-up, however, some cyclists are ignoring the messages not to enter.

The market is a workplace site and all regular health and safety rules apply, especially with so many vehicle and pedestrian movements, which is why it’s completely blocked off to through traffic.

Some cyclists are ignoring the closed street signs and riding through the site between 5.30 and 8 am to access Gladstone Street and Montpelier Place.

Stallholders have had near misses with cyclists, especially in the dark of the early morning and are worried about potential crashes.

Please plan your route around Salamanca Place on Saturday mornings to avoid any conflict. Cyclists must dismount at the "road closed" sign and walk their bikes across the market.

Bike riding truckies wanted!

The Road Safety Advisory Council is looking for a professional truck driver who also rides a bike to appear in a short educational video it is making about sharing the road.

It is after someone who would be happy to be filmed driving a truck, riding a bike and talking about the different view they take of the road depending on their mode of transport.

The video will appear on Channel 7 news and digital channels and the council's website and will be part of a series of shorts.

If you are interested or know someone who fits the bill please contact Neil at The filming is likely to happen in April.

Enduro World Series hits Derby

We're heading to the Enduro World Series at Derby this weekend to spread the Bicycle Network message of making it easier for more people to ride.

Come and say g'day at the Bicycle Network marquee if you are going along, and take advantage of our offer of one month's free membership if you are not already signed up.

Bicycle Network insurance covers your mountain biking mishaps - hey it can happen to the best of us - on your weekend rides with friends and family.

George Town latest MTB funding recipient

Senator Steve Martin has announced $4.4 million in federal funding for the George Town MTB trail network.

Well known trail builder Dirt Art has drawn up plans for about 105 km in trails in the Mt George area, both cross-country and gravity. About 29 km would be the easier green rated, 46 km of blue rated and 30 km of the harder black diamond.

The George Town Council has recently consulted the community about the planned track network, and there's no announcement yet as to when track building is likely to start.