Southbank Promenade speed study

It starts on April 1st, but it is not a joke. If riders notice their speed being monitored along Southbank Promenade during April it will be part of a serious study by the City of Melbourne.

The City has began its investigations into what will be a next-generation promenade, and it is determined to devise a vision that will work for bikes and all other promenade uses.

Regular users will be aware that the existing promenade is decaying, and key elements will need replacing soon.

Importantly, the city and the people who use it are behaving very differently now that when the promenade was first unveiled.

An opportunity for a re-think beckons.

Southbank Promenade is currently a Bermuda triangle of crashes between 'speeding' bikes and pedestrians: there are plenty of rumours but no real evidence of the crash crisis has ever been discovered.

To gather information to be used in developing a strategy for the area the City is examining how riders use the area and at what speed.

Between 1 April and 7 April riders’ speed will be measured.

From 8 April to 28 April there will be two temporary dynamic speed monitoring signs in place so riders are aware of their speed.

And from 29 April to 5 May advisory speed signs will be placed on the pavement.

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