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New Bordertown bike path proposal

Construction of a new bike path is being considered on a strip of Cannawigara Road heading west out of Bordertown, South Australia.

The bike path is being proposed between Ramsay Terrace and Meatworks Road, and is part of the Tatiara District Council's grand plan to extend the network of paths in the area to encourage more people to ride their bikes or walk and increase connectivity.

"Council has been working towards a network of cycling and walking paths in Bordertown and Keith for some years," Tatiara District Council CEO Anne Champness said.

"Last year we constructed a new path along Naracoorte Road which has seen a great amount of use in its first few months."

Tatiara District Council are considering two options, one on-road and one off-road.

The on-road bike path would be an extension of the current road structure, with lines indicating the lane; and the off-road path would be a two-way track running parallel to the road, but not physically connected.

The estimated costs for both projects are:

On-road - $30,000
Off-road - $100,000

"We are keen to hear what people would prefer," Ms Champness said. Tatiara District Council have run a local survey, but can also be contacted here if you would like to share your thoughts.

Ms Champness also alluded to the fact that the bicycle path plans may be an afterthought of another project, stating that the "council is already proposing to widen Cannawigara Road to meet heavy vehicle road standards and the cost to install the on-road bicycle path is significantly cheaper."

Image: Border Chronicle

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