eZee ebike battery recall
Recall: e-bike battery flame out

A battery fitted to some eZeebike e-bikes has been recalled as it can catch fire during re-charging.

The product is the eZee Battery 19Ah 36V LG Vertical Batter y Pack for eZee Bicycles.

The recall is for batteries with serial numbers starting with: D36203360P04X___; D36203360P05X___; D36203360P06X___; and D36203366P04X___

Batteries made by Sony, Panasonic, BMZ, Sanyo are not affected by this recall.

Batteries starting with the serial number D3620 have caught alight during charging due to overheating, creating a risk of property fire.

Consumers should stop using or charging the battery and return the product to Glowworm Bicycles for a replacement battery.

Remove your battery from the bike by turning the key-switch to the open position. Pull the battery both upwards and backwards to remove from the bike. Examine the serial number or take a photo and provide to your eZee bike dealer.

Do not charge the battery if you have identified the battery as being part of the recall or if you are unsure. Store the battery until replaced at your local dealer in a location that poses a low fire risk, e.g. a garage.

Traders who sold this product include Cairns Electric Bikes; Cargo Cycles; Electric Bikes Brisbane; Electric Bike Centre; Melbourne Electric Bikes; Omafiets; Perth Electric Bikes; Sydney Electric Bikes; Teros; and Trendy Ebikes.

The product was sold from 1 April 2016 until 30 June 2018.

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