Bay Trail
Bay Trail extension set to go

All the required funding has now been secured for the extension of the Bay Trail to Mordialloc.

With VicRoads topping up the budget with $700,000, work will begin on the $5 million project some time this year.

When completed there will be an off-road trail all the way from Port Melbourne to Mordialloc, opening up riding opportunities for all ages and abilities along the beautiful coast of Port Phillip.

This section will begin near Mentone Lifesaving Club and run to near Mordialloc Beach.

As each section of the trail has opened up over the years, it immediately attracts more locals and visitors keen to get outdoors and gain the healthy benefits of physical activity.

Now the trail will be in reach of Mordialloc Station, which will be a convenient starting or stopping point for riders from beyond the coastal suburbs.

The completion of the trail this far south has taken years of persistence as stubborn opponents played an endless series of charades to frustrate, delay and block each successive step on the march to Mordialloc.

When the plans come to fruition it will have been five arduous years in the making.

As always, common sense prevails, and one-time opponents inevitably become strong supporters.

As well as extending the trail, this project also brings other benefits.

There will be signalised pedestrians crossings and better located bus stops.

And Beach Road will be resurfaced as part of the project: an investigation found that the road was cracking and would soon have required refurbishment, so that work has been brought forward.

“This is a great outcome for everyone in the community and will ensure there is a safe road, off-road cycling and walking path available for everyone, next to the foreshore,” Kingston City Mayor, Cr Georgina Oxley said.

“After 25 years of talk, Kingston is 100% committed to finally build the Bay Trail path filling in a significant missing section between Port Melbourne and Seaford. This will give young and inexperienced cyclists an alternative to riding along busy Beach Road.

“Our plan meets all VicRoads and Australian safety standards, is supported by Bicycle Network Victoria as safe for cyclists and provides plenty of parking while protecting the most environmentally significant areas of vegetation.”

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