Federation Trail overpass
Construction imminent for Federation Trail overpass

Work on the new overpass that will take the Federation Trail safely over Dohertys Road in Laverton North is due to start within weeks.

The 140 metre-long structure removes an at-grade crossing that was due to become even busier due to road upgrades.

The four metre-wide structure—6 metres above Dohertys Road—will be comfortable and convenient for all riders and should encourage more family groups onto this section of the trail.

It is one of several overpasses being constructed along the trail as part of the Western Roads Upgrades, a state government initiative to add capacity to roads, strengthen bridges and improve maintenance on arterial roads in the Western Suburbs.

The Federal Trail upgrades are part of the package, which is being delivered by Major Road Projects Victoria.

The bridge will be a combination of steel truss and super T concrete girder, with impactful design elements and an associated landscaped environment.

The contractor, Winslow Infrastructure, says the overpass should be finished in six to eight months.

The Federation Trail will remain open during the project. Detours are being finalised and maps, signs and notifications will be out soon.

The works are being carefully arranged so as not to damage the heritage structures and immediate environment of the Melbourne Outfall Sewer, the corridor of which hosts most of the Trail from Melbourne to Werribee.

The short detour will involve a temporary crossing of the Outfall to the side opposite the current trail, and then back again.

This temporary path will be sealed for the entire length of the re-direction, the corners will be easily navigable, and the fencing will be bike-friendly

The re-directed trail connection with Dohertys Road will become permanent post-construction to provide a local link for riders joining and leaving the trail.

Appropriate measures will be put in place to deter vehicle intrusions at the Dohertys Road crossings and traffic management will be in place to protect both riders and the general public using the trail.

The new overpasses are not the only improvements coming to the trail: The West Gate Tunnel project will be rebuilding section through Brooklyn, and the State Government this week announced a further $8 million for the Greening the Pipeline project, which is creating a linear park with more green space and trees along the outfall, supported by an integrated storm water system that uses recycled storm water to irrigate the parklands.

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