Police offer $500k reward for cyclist shooter

In February 2017, Kelvin Tennant was riding his motorised bike along the Myrtleford-Everton Rail Trail when he was shot several times by an unprovoked attacker, and left for dead. 

Mr Tennant, who was 72 at the time, survived the attack after being found unconscious on the trail with gunshot wounds to his head and chest.

The Victorian Police have recently offered a reward of $500,000 for information that helps identify the attacker and bring them to justice. 

So far investigators have not been able to determine why Mr Tennant was targeted, with Detective Inspector Dean Thomas stating "Kelvin was simply out enjoying riding his motorised bike along the rail trail when someone has tried to kill him.

"At this stage we're unable to find any sort of motive. We've looked very, very hard at this, and worked tirelessly on it but unfortunately we cannot find a motive.

"We hope this reward can bring forward new information so we can find the person responsible and bring them before the courts."

The shooting happened in the Bright and Myrtleford areas on the Myrtleford-Everton Rail Trail, which is a popular destination in north-east for tourists  Victoria during the warmer months.

Police think that it is possible someone from interstate may have seen something back in February 2017 that may help them find justice for Mr Tennant. 

Two years later, the Mr Tennant still has problems with his eyesight and hearing due to injuries he suffered in the shooting.

After recovering, he was back on the bike and riding up to 40 kilometres a day.

"Whatever we have to end up carrying in life — and we all have to probably have some burden at some time — we just have to make the most of what we've got and be positive," he told ABC News. 

You can watch his statement on ABC News here.

Mr Tennant was riding a distinctive motorised bike at the time of the attack in 2017 (pictured below). Anyone with information they think might be useful to investigators is urged to contact Victoria Police immediately. 

Kelvin Tennant's motorised bike at the scene of the crime. Photo: Victorian Police

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