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Freo bike plan to double commuter trips

The City of Fremantle's draft Bike Plan 2019-2024 is designed to encourage more people to get on their bike, with acting Mayor Rachel Pemberton hoping to double the number of people riding to work in the city.

"Our Strategic Community Plan aims to have Fremantle recognised as a pedestrian and cycle friendly city and sets a target to double riding to work from 2.9 per cent of commuter trips to 5.8 per cent,” Ms Pemberton told Mirage News.

Key priorities for bike infrastructure projects, programs and promotional activities for the next five years are all outlined, including:

  • Four primary routes that connect major destinations such as the Fremantle and Perth city centres
  • Four secondary routes connecting activity centres like shopping areas, schools and sporting facilities
  • More green bike lanes along on Parry Street and William Street
  • Improvements to on-road bikes lanes on Marine Terrace
  • An upgrade to the intersection of Queen Victoria Street and Parry Street
  • Continued participation in initiatives like the Department of Transport’s ‘Your Move’ program and engaging with schools to encourage more cycling

In forming the draft, a community engagement process was undertaken last year, where residents were asked to identify where riding was good, where riding was bad and areas of improvement. 

109 surveys were completed, with 139 areas identified for improvement. The top 5 'hot spots' were North Fremantle/Tydeman and river crossing; South Terrace / Marine Terrace; South Terrace / Wray Avenue; Hampton Road / Cockburn Road; and city centre eastern area.  

Acting Mayor Pemberton has shows strong commitment to the plan to get more people on bikes, stating "it’s great for your health and fitness, it’s convenient because you don’t have to worry about parking and it’s better for the environment – so we’ll continue our efforts to make cycling in Fremantle as convenient, connected, safe and enjoyable as possible.”

“Over the past five years the City has undertaken a range of activities to encourage more cycling, from infrastructure projects like more on-road bike lanes, dedicated cycle paths, intersection upgrades and bike parking to free bike hire, annual bike week events and planning scheme amendments requiring end of trip facilities.

“As a result we’ve seen a 13 per cent increase in people riding in a recent city centre bike count, showing we are making progress. Improvements in bike infrastructure and the growing popularity of electric bikes has led to many more people getting around Fremantle on bikes."

For further information on the draft Bike Plan and to have your say, click this link or the button below.

The plan will be out for public comment until July 1 2019. 

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