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Get the truck out of the way

Last week’s Herald Sun article highlighted the growing safety concerns associated with trucks illegally parking in bike lanes throughout Melbourne.

Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards was quoted saying “we do understand that Melbourne will be ‘under construction’ for more years to come but we also need to be aware of how dangerous it is.”

Everyone agrees that the issue is worsening as the Metro Tunnel and West Gate Tunnel projects bring a massive spike in truck movements throughout the city.

While Victorian Transport Association chief executive Peter Anderson encouraged cyclists to “consider using an alternative route, which is a luxury a truck driver servicing a worksite doesn’t have” – the City of Melbourne does appear to be listening to riders’ concerns.

A City of Melbourne spokeswoman said that in the last year officers issued 89 “no stopping’’ infringement notices on Exhibition St, 37 on Swanston St and 21 on Latrobe St.

“Our officers patrol during morning peak cycling times on Exhibition, Queensberry and Latrobe Streets to ensure these areas are kept clear of vehicles. This includes both quickly moving on vehicles and issuing infringements."

In light of this increasing safety concern, we encourage riders to stay vigilant on the roads, and continue to report any illegal parked vehicles you see blocking bike lanes.

A reminder that you can alert the City of Melbourne via the illegally parked vehicle portal on their website – SEE HERE.

Please also feel free to send any pictures you have of illegally parked vehicles to, and continue to tag us on social media @Bicycle_Network.

This was help us in our continued efforts to work with the City of Melbourne and Metro Tunnel to help reduce the impact and disruption of truck movements throughout the city – as well as assisting in our campaigns for improved bike riding infrastructure throughout Melbourne.

Feature image: Truck blocking bike lane on Exhibition Street. Herald Sun

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