The Canning Street clamp begins

One of Australia’s most popular bike commuter routes, Canning Street, will from next week also be the route of a major water main project.

For many months to come, the bike trip into the city will be subject to various minor detours as the project moves up and down the street.

The good news is that the digging, trenching and tunnelling will be on the east side of Canning Street only, so outbound riders will not be significantly impacted.

The project kicks off with construction of a short tunnel under Elgin Street, which will require a detour across to Rathdowne Street.

See the map below for details.

Later, as works shift further north, the more convenient detour will be down the parallel Station Street.

The project, known as the M205, is being undertaken by City West Water and their contractors Jaydo.

It will place a 750mm main under Canning Street for 2.3 km between Park St and Faraday Street.

Work should wrap up around the middle of next year.

Bicycle Network will assist CWW with notification of future detours as the work progresses.

The current pipe runs under Nicholson Street and is almost 140 years old and needs to be replaced. It will be decommissioned at the end of the project.

The project will be completed in sections, starting at the Faraday Street end, and heading north. The new pipe will be installed by digging an open-cut trench along the alignment, while tunnelling under the key intersections at Elgin Street and Alexandra Parade.

Work hours will include construction work on Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm.

During construction, the work site will be fenced off with temporary fencing. Traffic controllers will be onsite to help road users and pedestrians navigate the area safely.

CWW is working closely with the cities of Melbourne and Yarra, and Bicycle Network, residents, traders and other key user groups to identify and manage impacts.

Updates on the start of works and when detours will be in place will be posted on City West Water social media and website. For more information about project works, detour start dates and to sign up for project updates visit

Community Projects

As part of the water main project, City West Water has also committed to delivering a parallel project or projects to enhance the liveability of the area.

It has asked for suggestions meeting the following criteria:

  • Involve capitals works that will be delivered within the timeframe of the M205 project
  • Be delivered within the M205 project area
  • Have an allocated amount that will be proportioned between the two council areas, which the proposed alignment crosses (City of Yarra and Melbourne City Council)

In determining how CWW makes the community contribution, it will work with both customers and councils to help identify community needs.

Suggestions are welcome until 26 July 2019.

Further information

For more information about the community projects and to sign up for project updates visit

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