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Regions need more spending from tourists

A review of regional tourism in Victoria has found visitors reluctant to open their wallets. More people on bikes might help with that.

The regional tourism review discussion paper by the Victoria Government has found that only 36 cents of the tourism dollar gets spent in regional Victoria.

It is known that some of the most visited attractions such as the Great Ocean Road and the Philip Island penguin colony generate scant economic activity for the locals.

The paper suggests a new way forward is needed for tourism in the regions by "supporting visitors to have a wonderful and sustainable experience in Victoria as well as help find new ways to grow tourism in regional Victoria, enhance private investment and create more regional jobs."

One way forward is to remove the barriers to participation in physical activity in rural areas.

Around the world, active recreation is playing an increasing role in the time people spend on holidays and breaks.

But much of regional Australia is still totally car dependent, and the asphalt creeps ever forward as nature is in retreat.

Getting you and your bike by train to regional centres should be simple. But in 2019 you still can’t by a ticket for your bike that could guarantee you a place on your preferred train.

And forget about V/Line buses: they mostly just don’t want you.

And when you get to the bush, you find that country roads are still high-speed and hostile.

Over decades the Great Victoria Bike Ride has exposed more than 100,000 bike riders to the delights of regional Victoria, and has helped cultivate an appetite (in more ways than one) for bicycle touring.

Let's hope active tourism finds its place in regional Victoria’s future.

The Government is welcoming feedback on the discussion paper. You can have your say here.

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