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South Australian mountain biking boost

The O'Halloran Hill Recreation Park, just south of Adelaide, has added 13 kilometres of new mountain bike trails, and there's something for everyone to enjoy.

The national park is well-known and loved within the mountain bike community, and these new trails are set to secure the love affair for many years to come by offering something to suit all skill levels of rider.

The uniquely named trails include Glow Flow, which is designed for kids and beginners, Sylvian Families, which is a family-friendly trail with a forest backdrop, and Haarsma's Vision, named after the late friend of and great contributor to O'Halloran Hill Recreation Park, Pete Haarsma.

Haarsmas Vision trail in O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park. Picture: Environment SA

All of these new trails are for share use, which means walker and runners can also enjoy the exclusive access to the national park.

Thinking about getting into mountain biking?

Mountain biking is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors, while soaking up the the many health benefits of regular fitness and cardiovascular exercise.

For little ones who would like to get involved in this fun outdoor activity, Cobbler Creek Recreation Park north of Adelaide has a new pop-up mountain bike hub, which includes bike rental, servicing, skills sessions and a pump track for kids practice.

There are also mountain bike tours based in the park on school holidays and weekends that cater for learners and advanced riders.

Feature image: National Parks SA

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