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It's unusual for people to know the specific number that a road rule has in the book, but there is one that is growing quite a reputation among bike riders and pedestrians.

Victorian road rule 128 says a driver must not enter an intersection if the driver cannot drive through the intersection because the intersection, or a road beyond the intersection, is blocked.

Unfortunately, people on bikes see this happening almost every day. A car will creep up into an intersection, block a bike lane and pedestrian crossing and then not be able to move on as the traffic stops.

It forces pedestrians into the bike lane, bikes to merge into the car lane and causes mass confusion.

Despite the clear road rule 128, people in cars seem too impatient to wait it out before entering an intersection they can't exit.

Road rule 128 comes with a $495 fine, surely enough to deter people from entering blocked intersections. But maybe it is only riders and walkers who remember the rules exists?

We want more people to know about this rule and for police to start enforcing it.

The next time you see a car blocking an intersection and breaking road rule 128 take a photo, send it to us and share it on social media. It will help our campaign to keep our bike lanes clear for people to ride in them.

Share your #Rule128 experiences

  1. When you see someone drive into a blocked intersection take a photo
  2. Share it to Twitter or Instagram using #Rule128 and tag @Bicycle_Network. You'll also see plenty of other examples tagged with #Rule128!
  3. Send it to us in a message and tell us any experiences you have had trying to dodge cars blocking intersections
Send your photos
Cars block the intersection of Victoria and Swanston streets in Melbourne, breaking road rule 128.

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