Bike lock on steroids

Bike lovers prepared to go to extreme lengths to stop crooks pinching their favourite ride might at last have the answer, if they can lift it.

The 6.2 kilogram* Altor SAF is said to be the safest lock available, being so thick that portable grinders — the bike thief’s current tool du jour — can’t make the cut.

*The typical Tour De France racing bikes weighs in at about 6.8K in total.

The D-lock, which probably won’t slip into the back pocket of your Levis, is under its skin a standard, high quality shackle lock.

The secret is that wrapped around that endoskeleton is a metal exoskeleton that adds bulk and strength.

Tests show that it is virtually impossible to cut with and angle grinder, at least in the time available to a thief.

It’s designers also say they its bulbous features also make it more impervious to other theft techniques including bolt cutters, hacksaws and compact jacks.

The diameter of the lock is 75 mm.

“We designed the SAF Lock to be as strong as possible, not as portable as possible,” the designers explain.

The lock will be available by March next year and is expected to cost more than $300. If you pay up now there is a $100 discount.

Just don’t drop it on your foot.

More details here.

It may be heavy, but it beats the suggestion coming out of WA this week:

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