Loops within loops out of Sprent on a Sunday

There’s something for everyone in our Sprent ride on Sunday 25 August, with loops within loops to cater to four different routes.

We’ll start at 11 am together from the Sprent Recreation Ground and Community Centre, which is about 600 metres south of Sprent Primary School.

But then we’ll split into four groups depending on your appetitite for hills and distance. All the routes are on quiet country roads with unsealed shoulders that cut through rolling farmland and plantations.

Option 1, the Sprent–Kindred loop is 11 km long with a 164 metre ascent that takes in rolling hills along its length.

Option 2, the Sprent–Upper Castra loop is 22 km long with a 344 metre ascent which includes a slow, gradual rise and then downhill.

Option 3, the Sprent–Preston loop is 38 km long with a 640 metre ascent that continues for most of the ride before the welcome downhill return.

Option 4, Coast–Preston, is the Sprent–Preston loop with the ride to and from Ulverstone added, making the total ride 70 km.

Bring your own lunch to eat at the end of the ride at the Sprent Community Centre.

Please RSVP so you can be contacted if the ride has to be called off due to bad weather.

Upcoming rides

Social rides are featured in each edition of In the Loop, but if you want more notice visit our social rides calendar, which is regularly updated.

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  • Wednesday 16 October – E-bike coffee club goes to MONA Seniors Week ride
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The strength of our social rides program depends on members volunteering to lead rides. Leading social rides is a fun way to "give back" to the riding community, and to help us to get "more people riding, more often".  

Bicycle Network Tasmania accredits Social Ride Leaders, and requires anyone interested in leading rides to be accreditted. If you would like to be one of our Ride Leaders, please volunteer here and we'll let you know when the next Ride Leader Skills Development Workshop is scheduled.

Image: Google Maps