Sewer Works on Federation Trail

Riders may notice some service vehicles in proximity to the Federation Trail near Werribee soon.

The Western Trunk Sewer (WTS), which carries 60 of Melbourne’s sewerage out to the Western Treatment Plant, is due for some upgrades.

Three sections of the sewer between Hoppers Crossing and the Western Treatment Plant have been found to be in poor condition and need to be repaired to preserve the longevity of the facility.

It was originally constructed the 1980s to move sewage from the Brooklyn Pumping Station to the Western Treatment Plant, replacing the open Main Outfall Sewer.

This enabled the Federation Trail to be established later along the outfall sewer reservation.

The sewer main comprises of 15.2 kilometres of deep tunnel from Brooklyn Pump Station to Hoppers Crossing Pump Station, and 7.3 km of shallow tunnel from Hoppers Crossing Pump Station to the Western Treatment Plant.

From 26 August to 20 September 2019, the Melbourne Water upgrade project team will be conducting investigation works, with vehicles entering the Federation Trail Reserve between Wattle Avenue and S Ring Road, and at times crossing the trail during day and night shifts.

This will not result in the closure of the trail, however, trail users should exercise caution in the area near the warning signs.

There will be some odour when the sewer maintenance holes are opened.