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Traffic shaved from shimmy

The East Brunswick shimmy route should be more popular with riders soon when the street is closed to motor traffic at the northern extent at Albert Street.

Moreland City has approved a trial closure of the street which if successful will be made permanent.

John Street is a north-south route that conveniently connects through to Canning Street, enabling a quick and straightforward journey to and from the Melbourne's CBD.

But it can also be a rat-run for cars, and with a major redevelopment coming to the area, bikes needed a degree of prioritisation to ensure it continued to be attractive to riders.

The proposed trial has now been through the required public consultation process, and assessment by VicRoads.

A report to the council says the closure will help reduce the traffic volumes along this section of the street.

The trial would also provide information on how traffic is re-distributed across nearby local streets and thus inform a decision on whether to convert the temporary closure to a permanent closure.

Council officers will undertake traffic counts before and during (approximately 2-3 months after the closure has been implemented) the temporary closure in John Street, Hutchinson Street, Albert Street, Glenlyon Road, Ethel Street, French Avenue, Clarke Street, Deakin Street and Methven Street in Brunswick East, to assess the redistribution of traffic in the area as a result of the closure.

Based off traffic volume data during the trial closure, Council officers will assess whether redistributed traffic requires additional traffic calming strategy in neighbouring streets.

The result of the trial will be reported back in early 2020 on the impacts of the traffic diversion experiment in John Street, Brunswick East to a point 8 metres south of Albert Street.

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